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    I am excited about this Opportunity to Serve People. I am confident that Arizonans are ready for a Pro-School, Pro-People Candidate regardless of party affiliations. Public Schools are under attack by Republican Leadership. Unbelievably, my opponents have either promised more cuts to public school funding, or they support the diversion of Public Dollars away from Public schools into the coffers of Private for-profit education corporations or in some cases they have promised both.


    Like you, I understand the importance of providing a World-Class Public Education. I am committed to increasing the quality & funding of Public Education, for I want to make certain that every child has the opportunity to obtain a World-Class Education, just like those of us who went to school in the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s received. As the field is comprised, I am the ONLY Pro-School Candidate. Now, if you believe it is important to restore our Public Schools, then I am the ONLY Choice. And It’s the Smart Choice!

   There are many other pressing issues facing Arizonans today, and for my position on each of those please visit my Issues web-page. But remember. . .


To Support Public Schools VOTE!

Frank Cuccia

For Arizona State Representative LD1

It's the Smart Choice!



The Main Stream Candidate

 Common Sense Solutions

In The Best Interest of People

Important Voting Instruction


If you decide you want to vote for me, follow these instructions. A republican will be elected for one of the two spots available and if you want me to be the other candidate, you NEED to only vote for me. Voting for any republican, just helps them get more votes than me and therefore win. So just VOTE for Frank Cuccia and give me the best chance to win.


Endorsed by The Prescott Daily Courier &

The Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans

Clean Elections Commission: Arizonans, in an effort to reduce the bad influence of Big Money in state politics voted to create the method whereby so-inclined candidates could avoid the lure of special interest donors to fund their campaign.